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 St. George and I  

Creative process of the artist:

Every single work idea comes by living and every art work is personal. 

Stories we are told most of the time create our realities. By facing these stories, we can see our fears and monsters that risdes inside us. We choose the place we want to live. There is a map which shows where we live, but sometimes this map is not geographical, we create these places. What is more in these non geographical places there are lots of other places like safe places. A smell of a flower or the sound of the wind can bring us immediatly to that place where we can feel good and accompanied. Memories can be fade away but the feeling of safe place is always with us.

The story of 'St. George and I' is the story of the safe place. It is a jurney of curiosity,  

spontaneity and joy that we went through. We started to exchange and change our stories mutually.

I can simply say about my creative process that I use Roads, ways, passages to get lost and to refind myself. 

The way of doing my work is very spontaneos we can see it in my strikes and way of working. 

This time I used a lot the circle. That form which evokes infinity and perfection and paradoxically I am interested in imperfection. How can I transform them to something else. Burning holes as an act to construct compositions to understand my internal mechanisms.

Key words:




Conscious / unconsious

Healing / decision




Se perdre/ se retrouver



Joi de vivre


Go Deep
Silence 1
Silence 2
Silence 3
Silence 4

“A painting is not a picture of an experience but is the experience.” Rothko


"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Joseph Campbell

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