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The contemplation of  nature leads me to art.


It’s only then my journey starts in the studio by evaluating and passing to the act of creation. It opens a gate to any inspiration or activity.

I travel a lot between Barcelona and Cyprus which is an other link with the Mediterranean sea. All these movments and displacements have an important influence on my creativity. 

Some experiences bring me to another level of understanding, some of them are just experiences.


There are experiences that gives me information to continue may be in a different way. There are experiences that  have a healing effect, some experiences that I don't understand why I live them until another opportunity teachs me something that I need to understand.







Whales 1
Whales 2
Whales 3
Whales 4
Whales 5
Whales 6
Whales 7
Whales 8
Whales 9
Whales 10

My first attempt with this body of work starts in 2012. I couldn’t finish it. It was a difficult relationship. So I stopped work on this subjet until 2017 when the necessity of the sea appeared again.

Everything started to take a different shape and another vision. To give time to time was the best solution. I know that time is a difficult issue. Even it is something that we create it, we can easily imprison ourselves in it. I can pass through it to change and to change my point of view.

In my paintings I look for light and space where the idea of the whale evokes movement, memory and wisdom.

I try to make immaterial things visible such as density, transparency, luminosity and passages.

The idea of the whale gives me the serenity which I look for in my daily life.


Oil on paper





Word index



Put in order

Inside / outside



Get rid of old structures 

to construct new ones

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