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 Inside Outside 


Asli Bolayir once noticed that what people are looking in this world is balance. If we are not connected to ourselves we are away from our inner self. She thinks that people can connect with their inner world by asking questions. By connecting with our inner world we start to see the outside world in a different way. Changes are a part of life but we can´t change the world. We can change our position, our way of thinking, our point of view.


n wich dimention are you flowing?
How to relief things from becoming too serious
Are you waiting for an inspiration ?
Why time is dragging ?
Where to go with your impossible dreams
Where to find the right moment ?
Where to find pink skyes and yellow seas
Where to find new state of balance ?
Where to find freedom to pursue new ideas
What is the color of universal love
How to open the flow of communication
Are you waiting for an inspiration ?
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